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This opportunity is thought to offer young people a 9-month residential experience in a context of community life, and structured on Ignatian spirituality and prayer, a formative pathway of spiritual and intellectual formation, and a commitment to apostolic service. The experience is especially directed towards motivated young people who are seeking to deepen and put into practice their understanding of Christian faith, tradition and cultural heritage, primarily through a commitment to personal and shared moments of formation, spiritual exercises and retreats, service and outreach initiatives designed to inspire and instil a strong sense of apostolic mission within the cosmopolitan city of Amsterdam.


Formation (30%)
SPIRITUAL: Time allotted for spiritual growth (common/personal moments of prayer; Spiritual Exercises, ; Ignatian Spiritual accompaniment, discovering best practices in youth ministry; visiting different spiritual realities, etc.)
INTELLECTUAL: common or individual moments of study (subjects on theology; philosophy; theological aesthetics, spirituality; art history; cultural studies; pedagogy, etc.)
Encouraged to participate in LS initiatives/formation camps
Taking online/in-person courses with Uni faculties in Amsterdam or other initiatives available

Apostolic mission (30%)
Evangelisation through art and culture (esp. through our presence at the Krijtberg: opening; welcoming; LS service)
Initiatives for the parish: availability for: catechesis for children, formation for young persons; animating prayer moments, welcome centre for students (eg. Study space/meet-and-greet/fundraising/ late night drop-in / etc
Help, service, animation and initiatives especially during particular Church celebrations (Easter/Feasts/Christmas…)
Help Jesuits of the community (online or other ongoing projects/ other creative initiatives where LS may have something unique to contribute…)
Help in other aspects of the international dimension of LS (preparation of camps, online services, video,…)

Personal (40%)
Part-time work: online or a basic “hands-on” job in Amsterdam (in hospitality; catering; custodianship; museums; gardens; postal jobs etc).
Service in community (shelters/soup kitchens/etc)
Free time (visits in the city etc)
Rest day: Sunday (unless on exceptional days).

PROGRAMME START: 20 September 2022
DURATION: max. 9 months
LOCATION: Spuizicht, Amsterdam

REGISTRATIONS 2023/2024 at

CONTACT: Giulia or Maria Concetta on

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