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Living Stones “Huis” is thought to offer young people a 9-month residential experience, structured around community life, Ignatian spirituality and prayer, intellectual formation, and a commitment to apostolic service. It is primarily a space of welcoming, of discernment, of growth, of learning, and of service: be it through the beauty and challenges of living in community, or through the guided explanations and other activities offered in the physical space of the church, in the heart of the bustling city of Amsterdam.

The experience is especially directed towards motivated young people who are seeking to discern, deepen and put into practice their understanding of Christian faith, tradition and cultural heritage, primarily through a commitment to personal and shared moments of formation, spiritual exercises, and retreats, evangelisation and outreach initiatives designed to inspire and instil a strong sense of apostolic mission within the cosmopolitan city of Amsterdam.


“Spuizicht”, 440 Singel, Amsterdam
(next door to the Krijtberg church)

September 2024*

9 months (till end of June 2023)

– 30% service (evangelisation; creative development of pastoral initiatives; collaboration with Jesuits and LS network)
– 30% formation (spiritual; cultural and anthropological, artistic, theological)
– 30% free personal time (part-time work; studies; other voluntary services)
– 10% rest

Max: 9 people

– experience is intended for people aged between 20-35;
– preference for young people who are either in a phase of transition, of being “in-between” an experience and another, taking a “gap year” from studies or work, concluding studies, or on some other scheme which, however, allows you to juggle time between studies and the demands of this programme;
– willing to commit to 9 months of a residential experience;
– willing to structure their daily life according to the demands of the programme, including times of service,
formation and other moments shared with the community;
– can understand and communicate in English;
– preferably has some experience of Living Stones (through internation meetings or summer camps)***

Common monthly cost to cover living expenses (food, utility bills, etc.). The estimated cost is of approximately Eur 300/month


* prior to the beginning of the residential experience, members will be invited to carry out 8 days of Spiritual Exercises in Simplon Pass, Switzerland, organised by the LS at the end of August (10–17 Aug OR 18–25 August 2024). Arrival to the house can begin as early as the 1st week of September.

** details of the “fixed” common moments of the programme will be announced in the beginning of June.

*** See here for a list of possible LS summer experiences


If you feel this mission and formation experience is for you, we kindly ask you to fill in the form and send a MOTIVATION LETTER to Tell us who you are and why you are interested in being considered for this programme!

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