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Sagrada Família 


Our Service:

“Living Stones – Sagrada Família” is an activity a little bit different from the classic “Living Stones” style. It’s a 3-days long trip in which Art and Spirituality merge together, moving from the experience and the figure and the works of Antoní Gaudí, architect and “prophet” of our age. In particular, the central day is dedicated to a visit of the “Sagrada Família” (the proposal is currently conducted only in Italian).


Our Group

In March 2006 a group of students connected with the Jesuits of Bologna, guided by p. Jean-Paul Hernandez sj, visited for the first time the “Sagrada Família” in Barcelona with the “Living Stones” spirit. Since then, every year a group of young people tries to “become a Guide” for other young people in visiting and discovering the “Sagrada Família”, its simbols and its meanings.


Brief Description of the Monument

The construction of the Sagrada Família started in March 1882. Then, in November 1883 the whole project passed to Antoní Gaudí. Since then… it’s not yet completed!! The “Sagrada Família” is an impressing work, that fascinates for the intuitions and the genius of its visionary designer, but also because it’s still under construction!… It’s continuously and constantly evolving… and who knows if it will never be ended! The overall construction, according to the will of the author, wants to be a tale of a personal “Experience” available for everyone (the Barcelona citizens of that time, hardly proven by the crisis, but also for today’s “global world” tourists): that is the materialisation in the stone of the “Word”, that becomes alive, concrete, accessible.


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