International Formation Meeting 2020

This year’s Living Stones International Formation Meeting will be held in…MALTA!
Welcome! Merħba!

This time round we will be focusing on the relationship between “Art, Violence & Religion”. Malta provides us with the ideal historical context (ancient and contemporary) to delve into this topic: an island that has been for centuries subjected to the rule of one powerful authority after the next; an island seen as a strategic fortress in the Mediterranean by several great Empires and elite leaders; a frontier between two major religions. But as much as conflict has shaped it’s history and culture, so has its nature as a refuge: its safe and protected harbours; a site of trade and commerce; a resting ground for soldiers and sailors; a neutral state; a melting pot of different cultures expressed in the art, architecture and language of the island.


DATES: Thursday 30 April 2020 (4.00pm) – Sunday 3 May 2020 (noon)
VENUE: Malta (Mount St Joseph, Mosta)

Suggested participation fee: Eur 80-100 (as long as you afford it!)
The fee does not cover travelling costs.

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