International Formation Meeting 2021

Our 2021 annual international formation meeting will be held between April 29th to May 2nd…in Paris!
Currently planned to be held online.
Stay tuned…🤩

This year we will reflect on “Identity, Art and Faith”.

Our identities unite as they clash. Difference both reveals our uniqueness and leads to conflict.

There is no identity without the other. And in the Christian faith, neither is there one without God, the Completely Other, from whom we receive our identity and who brings us together at Living Stones.

Let’s look around us: our cities, our churches, which express who we are, gather us…and divide us too.
Art, generally speaking, by appealing to our sensitivities and our principles, allows us to express ourselves and discover each other.

Art: this will be our context. Let’s keep on learning to dialogue, let’s assume that our identities are not forever fixed. Let’s come together for 3 days of theology and philosophy, sharing and prayer!

DATES: April 29 – May 2, 2021

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