International Formation Meeting 2023

Living Stones, here we are! The International formation meeting is coming and this year’s theme is Hospitality 🤗

Naples awaits you–we’ll begin on 28th April at 18:00 (with the possibility of arriving starting at 12:00) and conclude on 1 May with lunch🌋🥳

We have been asking ourselves, “what does welcome mean for those of us who live in a city which makes hospitality its masterpiece?”

We told ourselves that “welcoming” does not mean only to host another person, but to empathetically hear, to understand, and to be able to love the other as he or she is, in the uniqueness that makes each of us one of a kind. It will be beautiful to discover, welcome and better understand each other, knowing that it is in a hug that two hearts are physically near, it is in welcoming the other and before even that, in welcoming ourselves, that we welcome God.

When? From Friday, April 28th to Sunday, May 1st, 2023
The camp will officially begin at 18:00 on Friday, April 28th, but we’re happy to welcome you earlier, anytime after noon. It will conclude with lunch on Sunday, May 1st.

Where? Via San Sebastiano, 48/d Napoli, 80134

Registrations will close 7 days before the meeting

Registration and Info at

What do I need?
– Everything for your travels/staying overnight
– A typical food from your country/city to share during the first dinner together
– Sleeping bag, mat
– Bible, notebook
– Every community is invited to bring something that represents them, something that represents their city, and/or the places where they do service.

What is the cost? 70€ is the requested amount (not including traveling costs). If this is a problem for you, know that you are not required to pay this amount in order to participate! For those who are, on the other hand, able to pay more, this is much appreciated. The payment can be made anonymously when you arrive in Naples.

Participation in the camp is open to all young people!
…Even if I’m not part of a Living Stones community? Yes.
…Even if I have never taken part in an Ignatian initiative? Yes.
…Even if I’m an atheist? Yes.
…Even if I’m a magical elf? Yes.

The camp is structured in a way that emphasizes the value and significance of all that we have in common, so it can be a formative experience regardless of one’s religious or personal background. For this reason, we ask you to share all the information of the camp with anyone you think might be interested…even magical elves.

– the program will be announced soon: it will be a mix of moments of prayer, visits to the city and interesting workshops where we will analyze the theme of “welcome” from many points of view (physical, psychological, artistic, philosophical, anthropological, culinary…)

– for any questions or clarifications regarding logistics, arriving sooner/later, or really anything at all, just write an email to

We can’t wait to welcome you! Let us pray for one another, with gratitude for the immense opportunity to walk this path together with the Lord.

Living Stones Naples + LS central coordination

Living Stones