Living Stones MAGIS Experiment in Budapest

Are you able to understand the spiritual meaning of what you see when you enter a church? Why is the altar so big? What is the meaning of the paintings? How to understand the symbolism of the light? The different orientations of the space? The relief of the portal? All these things are “telling” something about our faith. Even more: all these elements are a “self-portrait of the praying community”. But most of us are “illiterate” of this old “alphabet” which was created in prayer and for prayer. At the same time more and more people are entering our old churches as tourists and visitors. Even if they are nonbelievers they are attracted by beauty and by an intimate sense of the sacred. It’s a crazy paradox: churches are now the places were the Church can find nonbelievers more easily. To welcome a non believer in a church and to introduce them to The Beauty through the beauty of a particular church can change their life. Do you want to be formed for this new kind of evangelisation? In the workshop “Living Stones” of MAGIS Europe 2020 you can learn something deep about your faith and you can learn how to transmit it to others, especially to non believers (or “distracted believers”) who enter a church “accidentally”. This workshop includes “high speed formation” in the first days and after the participants will guide other people in a visit of St Matthew Church in Budapest.

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Dates: 7 – 15 August 2021.

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Living Stones