Berlin pilot camp

Our Living Stones community in Berlin officially opens registration for this summer’s Berlin pilot camp, 4th-12th of August!

We called it a “pilot camp” because we will attempt to bridge the experience of intellectual formation on the theme of contemporary sacred spaces, with that of seeking and discerning sacred space in the streets of the city during the days of street spiritual exercises.

As some of you may already have heard, our idea is to offer an 8 days camp, divided into two parts. From the 4th to the 8th of August, we will offer formation on the theme of sacred spaces, in the form of lectures and site visits. We will learn to read contemporary sacred spaces on an anthropological level, by placing them in their historical context and to interpret theologically the use of light, materials, voids, and volumes. In the second part of the week (8th-12th of August), we will be offering spiritual exercises in the streets of Berlin. Given the formation received, participants will be called to walk (errare), orient themselves, and feel guided through the significant spaces of the city.

These will be days to discover the sacred implied in the space of true welcoming!

“Retreats on the Streets were born in Berlin about twenty years ago. Christian Herwartz and his residential community in Kreuzberg, especially guests who have experienced hospitality in this special place, have come to the conviction that in the different environment, in the “foreign” a trace of God can be discovered. Seeking God in a different, unusual and unfamiliar place became a movement that is now widespread and is called “street retreats”.

In brief:

4th-8th August: FORMATION

St. Michael’s Church, Michaelkirchpl. 15, 10179 Berlin, Germany

The indicative total contribution per person is 80-120 € (not including travel costs).
Contribution for only one of the two sections: 40-60 €

As usually repeated, costs should never discourage anyone to participate! The payment can be made anonymously when you arrive in Berlin.

Regarding the travel, If you come by plane blankets/mattresses/towels will be provided for you!

Being it an “experiment” we will keep the number of participants restricted to 15 people!

Should you have any questions, or concerns don’t hesitate to contact us further at the following address:

We are excited to welcome you here!

Wipke + Martin + Maria

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